Thursday, 27 January 2011

Whole Lola Del Rio

A deviantART newcomer, gtauto, may just made dream come true for many Grand Theft Auto fans. The photo manipulator recreated the missing bottom half of Lola Del Rio's artwork. Now everyone can enjoy her previously unseen "sweet spot" in both natural and shaved form.

Possibly that's the reason nobody could find her anywhere in Liberty City. She was simply busy preparing her "Terracotta Pie".

In total there are 5 pieces in the 'Whole Lola' series: Whole Lola, Lola Unshaved, Lola Shaving, Lola in Purple and Lola Shaved.
Two photos and drawing were used to reconstruct Lola's missed body. Made in Photoshop CS5. Everything above hips was created by Rockstar.
There's also a close up of Lola's half shaved "Taco Bell". :)