Saturday, 26 March 2011

Bob Suicide’s Tribute To Lola


Back in 2008 one of the Suicide Girls made a special appearance as, probably the most famous video game prostitute to this day, Lola Del Rio. Lola was used by Rockstar Games as a driving force for their advertisement campaign. She seemed to appear everywhere, but the actual game itself.

Been a big video games fan as she is, Bob decided to combine fun with sexy and paid tribute to one of the hottest and mysterious GTA IV characters.

Two years later we can finally show you the best bits from that stunning photo-shoot. But after checking Bob's "killer" curves (somehow it doesn't sounds right, even though she IS a girl) the wait was well worth it. :P


Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Tommy Vercetti Turns 55

Ever wondered what Vice City 2 would look like? Well, wonder no more. Thanks to Patrick Brown, we have a sneak-preview of how Vice City, or more like it's main characters, would have changed after all those years.
This is my vision of a modern Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, you'll notice I've added the old characters and made them as they should look in 2011.

- Tommy Vercetti. Ok so we don't know him any further than 1986, but just for fun I gave him a little extra weight. And maybe a little less hair up top The faded shirt had to be done. I mean come on ... He's had the shirt for 25 years (game time).

- I made Ken Rosenburg very similar to when we last saw him in San Andreas based in 1992.

- Phil Cassidy looks like he did in GTA III which was based in 2001.

- I've even added Fernando Martinez working his magic as always. I didn't really make him look too old because we don't really know what he looks like anyways, my only reference is the artwork from the Emotion 98.3 soundtrack cover. Lets just say he ages well.

- Yeah you'll notice Niko Bellic in the background eye-balling that Infernus When will the 'jeckings' end haha!

Well I hope you all enjoy, and lets all hope that Rockstar's next GTA will be a re-do of the amazing city of Vice.
It feels like forever since we grazed our eyes on Mr. P's last full colour GTA art-piece. But he's back!


Sunday, 20 March 2011

Vice City Stories Vector Art

Marco Fracasso didn't intend to make a series of Vice City Stories' fan-art, but he was certainly influenced by game's coverart. His work has very clean and funky 80's look. You can almost feel that cool Vice City's breeze, and hear palm trees in the background.

The artist went with an evening and deep-night themes for both pieces.


Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Lola Del Rio Cosplay

An American experimental photographer Kristen Lanae is not a newbiew to cosplay. Her gallery is full of outstanding characters from movies and video games, but Kristen's replication of Lola is pure sex. I mean the girl is unbelievably stunning and talented, which is rare.
Any gamers, especially GTA fans might recognize this, it's a character and prostitute from GTA 4 named Lola. :)

I did a lot of painting / air brushing on the skin to get a more cartoonish / fake feel. I actually had to re-do this shoot twice to get it right, and I'm pretty happy with it all except my damn hair, it just wasn't cooperating. Well ... hope ya like!
Also, as you can see she only has five fingers, not six as the original.